What My Clients Have To Say About Their Experience

Reviews from my clients are so important to me. Not simply because of what I do right but what I get wrong. I want to hear about all of it, directly from you. All of these reviews are sent by actual clients in their own words.
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Before I tell you about Adrian, let me tell you a little about myself. I have no experience in front of the camera, I don’t like all the features on my face, and I am my worst critic. However, I needed new headshots as I wanted to put my best face forward during my job hunt for a more senior role. I found Adrian online, looked at his portfolio and made my decision. It was a leap of faith as I had no personal reference but looking at those sample pictures I could see something unique: they had a soul, it wasn’t the typical cookie-cutter picture that everyone has on LinkedIn. I thought that alone would help me differentiate myself. Adrian is amazing, he is approachable and down to earth so it was easy to feel comfortable right away. He shot a few pics and showed me the result, I knew right away that he was a master of his art, trusted him and forgot about my self-doubt. I guess all that translated to the final result. It was hard to pick the “the one” headshot that I would use as there many good ones. In them, you can see a mature man confident in his own skin. I’m glad Adrian was able to capture that.
I wanted a professional photographer for my headshot (and so should you). A hobbyist won’t necessarily know how to turn a vision – the statement you want to make – into a finished photograph. The communication of emotion and intention is what an artist does – and that’s why I was looking for someone like Adrian. The session is comfortable, the space is private and everything you would want or need has been thought of. Adrian takes the time to explain how he will capture what most photographers and subjects miss – the authentic you. This is so important because your headshot is your visual calling card – your first impression – and you need every advantage to stand out from the pack. You get what you pay for. Adrian has the remarkable skill (and gear) to get you the headshot you always wanted. He also has a library of really bad jokes to get you smiling (you’ve been warned). Really fantastic job! Go look at his website and you’ll see. Thank you sincerely, Adrian! -Chris Williams, Owner and Podcaster, Badass Agile
Adrian Lyons is an artist with his camera. Without a doubt, he is the best photographer in the country. Adrian has mastered the art and psychology of photography. I wouldn’t settle for anything less than having my headshots taken by Adrian Lyons. I have learned so much from Adrian about what makes an impactful and meaningful headshot. Adrian makes me feel relaxed and confident at each and every one of my photo sessions. There is a significant difference between Adrian Lyons’ headshots and everyone else’s headshots. If you want headshots that stand out and outshine the rest, then go to Adrian Lyons, he’s truly the best in the industry.
My experience with Headshot Toronto was excellent from start to finish. From the moment I checked out their web site I felt good about this place. When I called with additional questions I got straight through to Adrian. Taking his time to answer all my questions, he immediately put me at ease. Despite my very tight deadline, (due to my nervousness at having my headshot taken in the first place), Adrian arranged for my appointment shoot within two days...complete with a hair and make-up artist on site throughout the shoot! Their knowledge and professionalism was A-One!! With my nervousness gone, I relaxed into the experience and actually had a lot of fun; allowing my true self to come through in the pictures. And I received my proofs by the end of the same day! If you need a headshot you need Adrian and what he brings to that experience.
Just a brilliant experience with Adrian in our session. I'd not updated my headshot in 5 years for the anxiety of ageing ;) Adrian put me totally at ease - working in a very comfortable space, complete with tunes and his expert guidance. I learned a lot about great photography as well as about myself. Looking not as "old" as I thought! Anxiety extinguished. Thanks, Adrian - a fun and welcomed, reassuring and positive 2020 experience in a year best forgotten!. I'll be proud to use these shots professionally and personally - extra shots ordered
I am definitely one of those people who believed that they could not take a decent picture. On arrival at the studio Adrian immediately put me at ease, explained some of the tricks to taking a better picture and showed me what a difference a professional could make! As a result, the session was relaxed and fun. His makeup artist was absolutely lovely (definitely get your makeup done!) and, as someone who rarely wears makeup, did a beautiful, natural job so that I showed my 'best' face in the pictures. The proofs are so fantastic that I'm having a hard time picking my favourite! He's made, what I thought, "the impossible"...possible. Please take my word for it and treat yourself to Adrian and his incredible eye!
Fantastic experience and great photos. Adrian knows his stuff and set up a great vibe.
This was my first headshot experience. I was not looking forward to it and was skeptical that I would get a photo that I liked. Adrian was great at making me feel relaxed and trying different ways to get my personality to come through in the photos. I ended up with three keepers! He was very responsive to my request for edits. I am very happy that I made this investment.
Although Adrian is an excellent photographer, his knowledge and experience go far beyond taking great pictures. I learned a lot about human expression and marketing myself
Adrian was punctual, professional and most importantly, really good at what he does! As a complete photography laymen, he was able to explain what he was doing every step of the way. That not only made me comfortable, we were able to get better pictures as a result. 5/5, would recommend.
Adrian is a total pro. From the moment I walked in, his goal was to make me feel comfortable and put me at ease. He knows what makes a great headshot and shares his wisdom in the moment so that he can capture the essence of who you are. Won’t hesitate to return and work with him again.
Sonia (actor)
He was so easy to work with. My daughter had a blast, he made the experience for her an enjoyable one. Would highly recommend this business.
Adrian is a great photographer who you could tell is passionate about his work. I don't even like my photo taken. However, I had a great experience. Adrian is very professional, communicative and funny. He delivered the photos on time to my expectations. I would recommend him to everyone who wants to have a fantastic and professional LinkedIn headshot.
Adrian is amazing. This was the best experience I could have asked for. Worth every dollar and his hair and make-up partner Rebecca was worth every penny. Don't hesitate.
Adrian is talented! He makes you feel comfortable the moment you walk in. I booked an hour and I was there well over 2hrs. He took the time to explain every detail, coach with a great sense of humour. Thanks for a great experience. Worth every penny.
He makes you feel relaxed and gives you a great explanation on what makes a great headshot and how to show emotion.
It was a great pleasure connecting with Adrian. I can say he loves what he does and that reflects in his work. He helped me with all patience to get the headshot I needed. I would highly recommend his services.
Mislav (actor)
Great photos, great experience, helpful tips and lots of fun too. Would totally recommend Adrian again and again.
The session was much more than I expected and the results are fantastic. Adrian knows his stuff
Fantastic photo session with Adrian!! I am quite uncomfortable in front of the camera and he made the process easy and fun. I am very happy with my pictures. Great experience overall.
Max (actor)
The whole experience was a blast! Adrian was friendly and helpful putting me at ease right away. I appreciated that he took the time to explain the process to me.
Adrian is a total pro and getting you prepped for a great shoot. Great experience overall, highly recommend!
Adrian was great, efficient and friendly. I was in and out in under an hour with over 70 shots to choose from. Highly recommend!
Had an amazing experience, very professional and also very relaxed and fun!
Adrian has a great sense of humour and easy-going attitude that helped make the experience comfortable. I’m really happy with the outcome, and I learned a lot about taking a great photo too.
Adrian was very professional and effective at making it a totally comfortable experience with a great outcome !! Highly recommend him
Getting a head shot is not something I have ever done before. Adrian made me feel really comfortable and showed me a side of me I'd never seen before! Worth every penny!! My problem is now trying to pick one, there are so many amazing shots!
Jeannie (actor)
I have worked with many photographers in the past but he really takes the time to explain how to get the best shots
Adrian was great! Took extra time to explain the little tips and tricks to give the picture its extra touch. Easy to work with and knows his stuff.
Janet (actor)
Adrian also did a great “Headshot 101”, something most photographers should add into their sessions because the photos show the extra five minutes is worth it!
Adrian really knows what he is doing and got so many good shots of me that it made it difficult to choose. I have been to other recommended headshot photographers before but found the results too stilted. Adrian coached and captured the true me in the photographs and made it an enjoyable experience.
…he really knows a lot about headshot psychology etc. and incorporating key elements into a shot. You made something I do not particularly enjoy doing very easy and fun!
I thought I was the least photogenic person in the world but came away with a series of photographs that made me think otherwise. The session was a lot of fun and made me realize what a good-looking guy I actually am.
Adrian's a legend. I'm typically very camera shy and hate how I look in photos but he was able to put me at ease from the get-go and get the type of shots that I'll be using for years to come. You'll definitely be trying to contain your laughter while 'smizing' like a wannabe GQ model and be having some fun
Adrian did wonders
He was a total professional, and even walked through a bit of “schooling” with me before we got started… there were so many great photos to choose from that it was hard to narrow it down!
Great session with Adrian today for business headshots. A professional set-up, comfortable star treatment and his expertise helps bring out that best shot (or a few) in a flash. Thanks!